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Caterpillar Forklift 7 Tonne

Quick Overview
  • Load capacity = 7000kg
  • Load centre = 600mm
  • Diesel forklift truck 
  • Low emissions and fuel consumption
  • Pneumatic tyres ( Solid tyres ) 
Caterpillar Forklift 7 Tonne
(a) Loading and unloading goods vehicles
(b) Container stuffing and moving goods into or out of external storage areas
(c) Transferring items from one site location to another – for example between two different production areas
(d) Comprehensive range of sizes and lift capacities. 
(e) Exceptional endurance and power, effortlessly handle even the most difficult and heavy loads, carry everything from a small pallet of bulk material to individual components weighing several tonnes.
 (f) Easy to manoeuvre even in confined spaces whilst ensuring good visibility.
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