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Airman Air Compressor 185CFM (100psi)

Product Code: PDS185S-6C2
Quick Overview:
  • Compressor free air delivery = 185CFM
  • Air pressure = 100 psi
  • Height (mm) = 1430
  • Width (mm) = 1650
  • Length (mm) = 2960
  • Dry mass (kg) = 860
  • Wet mass (kg) = 960
Airman Air Compressor 185CFM (100psi)


(a) Compressor type = Rotary twin screw,single stage, oil cooled
(b) Outlet size = 20A (3/4") x 2pcs
(c) Engine model = Yanmar 4TNV88-BDHKS (might differ according to machines)
(d) Receiver tank capacity (l) = 20
(e) Fuel tank capacity (l) = 90
(f) Suitable for various applications such as heavy duty constructions

Airman Air Compressor 185CFM (100psi)
Our Supplier offers a diverse range of models to meet the unique needs of our customers. Each product is designed with sound-proofing and low noise operation in mind, making it suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments while also being easy to use. All devices come equipped with a comprehensive monitoring system, giving users complete control and visibility over the device's performance.

The compressors used in our devices are of the rotary twin screw, single stage, oil cooled type, known for their performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. These compressors deliver optimal performance while being energy efficient, reducing costs for the users.

Using High-Efficiency Rotors
The devices feature advanced AS rotors which are designed for maximum efficiency, allowing for high output of air and industry-leading air volume production. The device is suitable for various heavy duty construction applications.

Excellent Operatiblity
In terms of operation, the device features digital monitoring panels and touch screen controls for easy visibility. Additionally, the pressure gauge is equipped with an easy-to-read analog meter for added convenience, making it simple for operators to monitor the device's performance and make any necessary adjustments.

Unique Specs
The outlet size is 20A (3/4") x 2pcs. The engine model used in the device is Yanmar 4TNV88-BDHKS, which might vary according to the machine. The receiver tank capacity is 20L, and the fuel tank capacity is 90L.

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