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Hisaki Pengisar Bar 32mm

Kod Produk: YBB 32
Gambaran Keseluruhan Pantas
  • Diameter bar maksimum (mm) = 32 
  • Diameter bar berterusan (mm) = 28
  • Engin diesel (hp) = 6/7
  • Dimensi L x W x H (mm) = 1320 x 1030 x 875
  • Berat (kg) = 860
Hisaki Bar Bender 32mm
(a) High bending capacity of more than 10 times compared to manual bending.
(b) Simple operation by only feeding bar and pedaling a treadle.
(c) Bending angle is always constant and accurate by use of fulcrum roller.
(d) The bending of steel bar can be preset and change from 0° to 180° with the limit pin.
(e) The bending head of the machine can reset gradually and automatically after steel bar is bent
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